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Providing customers with pontoons and weights used for testing ship and land cranes is one of our specialities at HEBO Maritiemservice. Whether it involves a loadtest for inspection purposes or testing of the overload for a periodical certification survey; we are able to offer you our specialist assistance.

Test weights

HEBO Maritiemservice has the use of 14 calibrated test weights varying in weight from 6 to 30 tons a piece. With these test weights we can provide you with lifting frames. Thus being able to provide up until 400 tons. In cooperation with our partners we are able to provide loadcell and water bags enabling us to offer a fitting solution.

Test pontoons

With 9 test pontoons varying in capacity from 50 to 6000 tons in test weight we are able to offer customers a wide range of options in this area. These pontoons haven been fitted out with sets of rigging. In doing so HEBO is able to offer you, the customer, a complete service. Making use of our push- and (seagoing) tugboats HEBO can deliver these pontoons a long side your ship or quay. A team of experienced supervisors, ballasting-engineers and ballasting-crew we will carry out operations on site.

From preparation to execution

In preparing for a project a “loadtest manual” is drawn up. This manual is then send to a Class Surveyor for a stamp of approval. This “loadtest manual” is a method statement that includes preliminary ballasting calculations.
Our experienced ballasting engineers on site make use of certified software, like GHS, to be able to substantiate the testing weight.

As is befitting for a maritime service provider like HEBO it is only right for us to offer a complete service. This service includes engineering, ballasting, supervision on site and insurance. This way we can offer, you the customer, complete peace of mind by letting our specialist operating team take charge of all aspects of the job at hand.

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Erik van der Ende 

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Multipurpose vessels

Our fleet of multi purpose vessels are highly valued within our organisation. Every vessel part of our fleet is unique and has its own special features.



At our disposal we have safety- and vacuum units but also high-pressure pumps, sweeping arms able to collect possible pollution in the water and trailers. Whatever job comes our way; with a wide range of equipment at our disposal we are prepared for anything.



At HEBO Maritiemservice we have a wide range of vehicles at our disposal. Including several emergency response vehicles, vans and 4x4’s.


High speed vessels

During emergency response activities we often make use of the Cap 300 and 400 high-speed support vessels. These high-speed vessels are small, but with enough room to be able to supply teams with extra equipment or manpower, and manoeuvrable.

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