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Special transport

HEBO Maritiemservice is your worldwide partner for special transport. Our core business is the transport across inland waters and overseas, if needed we are able to facilitate transport over land as well. We manage and execute some of the most complex transport projects like transport of bridge decks, yachts, hulls and other structures of considerable size.

A well thought out plan; the start of every special transport project

Here at HEBO Maritiemservice we do nothing without a well thought out plan, which forms the base of any special transport. All potential risks involving special transports are considered before hand and measures to minimise these risks are taken. In doing so, combined with years of experience in the field, we are prepared for any realistic scenario possible and able to guarantee a safe and efficient approach to carrying out special transports.
Our professional transport specialists take care of complete execution of the project. This includes the engineering, keeping in touch with the appropriate authorities, applying for the permits requisted, and if needed shipping traffic control.

The appropriate equipment for any transport

To be able to carry out any successful special transport you need to have the right equipment. That is why HEBO can boost a fleet of specialist equipment ready to be used for a great number of different transports. Is RoRo part of the procedure? We can use our own RoRo valves, pumps and other auxiliary equipment. Should the transport entail loading large objects and transporting these objects overseas? Our engineers will, in contact with a surveyor, take care of all the appropriate engineering and calculations regarding the transport. As well as providing all design for, and execution of sea fastening, needed for the journey.

HEBO consistently invests in innovations, to keep on offering the most suitable and innovative solutions for your special transport project. This guarantees you an efficient and modern solution.

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Erik van der Ende 

Contact point
+31 (0) 6 11 00 82 16 




During special transport projects our pontoons are used a great deal or can be deployed as floating plateaus used for carrying out maintenance and facilitating events.


Tug- and pushboats

Whatever the challenge you may set we are able to provide you with a push- or tugboat fit for purpose.



Our fleet of sheerlegs is capable of more than just hoisting and lifting activities. We can provide you with the right sheerleg for every job.


Jacking and weighing technology

Using our traditional hydraulic jacks or the synchronised jacking system of our own design we are able to jack and weigh ships and other objects of considerable size.

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