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Salvage Operations

Carrying out salvage operations of any kind on and near the water is all-in a days work for HEBO Maritiemservice. You can contact us for the removal of wrecks, re-floating or salvaging of stranded ships and salvaging anchors or lost cargo. As a salvage company we are able to support you in any salvage project, this support can include engineering, research in preparation or diving activities.

More than just a salvaging company

We are more than just a salvaging company. HEBO goes a little further than just salvaging. As a maritime service provider we have years of experience in the field of carrying out salvages. This experience combined with our expertise in engineering, transport and heavy lift any salvage job can be entrusted to HEBO.

We are able to carry out the following salvage operations:

  • Re-floating of stranded ships
  • Salvaging (partly) sunken ships
  • Locating and salvaging anchors and other lost cargo
  • Removal of wrecks or other obstacles obstructing waterways

In addition to these salvaging operations we can take care of any transport- or possible oil spill response activities as a result of the salvaging activities.

Locating and or salvaging cars and anchors

Not only is HEBO able to facilitate the salvaging of ships or shipwrecks but also facilitates the salvaging of smaller objects like anchors, fishnets, cars and containers. Do you need to research an object under the water? We can make us of a specialized salvaging vessel fitted out with an underwater camera and under water lighting. If needed in combination with a professional diving team.

Specialists in salvage

The salvaging operations are carried out with our own personnel and long-term partners. Together they form a well-equipped and motivated team of advisors, salvage masters, naval architects, supervisors, divers and technicians. Depending on the job, we can call on all or some of these professionals. Most important to us is the question how we might assist you and deliver a safe, cost efficient and fast solution needed for your unique salvaging operation. Operating is this fashion and combined with our specialist equipment has made us a highly appreciated salvage company throughout Europe.

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Joppe Dietz

Contact point
+31 (0) 6 28 88 87 74 




Our fleet of sheerlegs is capable of more than just hoisting and lifting activities. We can provide you with the right sheerleg for every job.


Multipurpose vessels

Our fleet of multi purpose vessels are highly valued within our organisation. Every vessel part of our fleet is unique and has its own special features.



At HEBO Maritiemservice we have a wide range of vehicles at our disposal. Including several emergency response vehicles, vans and 4x4’s.



At our disposal we have safety- and vacuum units but also high-pressure pumps, sweeping arms able to collect possible pollution in the water and trailers. Whatever job comes our way; with a wide range of equipment at our disposal we are prepared for anything.

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