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Oil Spill Response

HEBO Maritiemservice is an expert in taking measures to control oil and chemical spills. It is an important part of what we do. Our teams of specially trained professionals are on standby 24 hours a day to respond to smaller and larger spills. These teams are equipped with the most advanced equipment available.

Our team of specialists and equipment

We have a wide range of innovative oil-spill response vessels, equipped with the most advanced techniques. This fleet enables us to separate the pollution from the surface water. In addition to this we make use of specialised absorption materials and oil containment screens.

During an incident, our experienced incident coordinators are your main contacts on site. They are responsible for keeping in contact with insurers, experts and representatives of varied authorities so you won’t have to.

Our strength? The ability to react fast and our focus on the environment.
Are you looking for a partner on 24 hour 7 days a week standby in case of an incident?

Make an appointment! Or in case of an emergency.. call us (038) 38 68 180 ››

Stefan van 't Land

Contact point
+31 (0) 6 12 74 09 79



Multipurpose vessels

Our fleet of multi purpose vessels are highly valued within our organisation. Every vessel part of our fleet is unique and has its own special features.



At our disposal we have safety- and vacuum units but also high-pressure pumps, sweeping arms able to collect possible pollution in the water and trailers. Whatever job comes our way; with a wide range of equipment at our disposal we are prepared for anything.



At HEBO Maritiemservice we have a wide range of vehicles at our disposal. Including several emergency response vehicles, vans and 4x4’s.


High speed vessels

During emergency response activities we often make use of the Cap 300 and 400 high-speed support vessels. These high-speed vessels are small, but with enough room to be able to supply teams with extra equipment or manpower, and manoeuvrable.

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