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Jack-up operations

The jacking up of a ship or large construction is a job, which requires a high level of expertise and precision. We are able to offer you the highest level of service in this area by making use of our synchronised jacking system, of our own design, or our traditional hydraulic jacking system. These systems in combination with our professional operating team enable us to position and jack-up with great precision. No matter the jacking method or construction at hand.

Jack-up 2.0

HEBO believes in drawing up a solid plan in preparation of every jacking project. We make use of our traditional hydraulic jacking system or of our synchronised jacking system, developed by HEBO. This synchronised jacking system gives us the option to jack objects straight up- or downward with complete control over the jacking cylinders. The issue of the centre of gravity is totally ruled out by using the synchronised jacking system. And gives us the option to jack up thousands of tons with the greatest precision. This is what makes the synchronised jacking system suited for a wide range of very complicated jack-up projects.

Jacking up and related activities

Carrying out traditional jack up activities asks for specific knowledge of how to determine the centre of gravity. And in many cases the necessary knowledge of heavy lifting. It is in this field that HEBO has proved itself to be a dependable partner. Thanks to our technical expertise we are able to facilitate complete projects. Including preparation, engineering and execution of the project.

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Jacking and weighing technology

Using our traditional hydraulic jacks or the synchronised jacking system of our own design we are able to jack and weigh ships and other objects of considerable size.


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