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Heavy Lifting

Heavy lifting forms an important part and is a speciality of HEBO Maritiemservice. Whether we are dealing with positioning bridge parts, installation of loading arms, positioning of storage tanks or handling of break-bulk. From start to finish of any project the combination of first rate equipment and highly skilled operating teams gives us the ability to execute your project in the safest and most efficient manner.

Heavy Lifting according to HEBO

The process of heavy lifting demands a high level of preparation for any project. Our Sheerlegs and crane ships are ready and able to reach any destination across the inland waters of Europe. Should you’re project ask for a different approach we are able to place one of our caterpillar/ mobile cranes on a barge and be of service in that manner.

We are able to guarantee you the following:

  • Premium and modern equipment
  • The best customized solutions for your project
  • A safe and environmentally friendly way of operating
  • Quick delivery, within budget
  • Specialist teams depending on years of experience
  • Modern crane ships equipped with the newest technical options

For HEBO it goes without saying we facilitate, from start to finish, al necessary engineering and stability calculation. Our aim is to offer you a complete service, from the preparations to the  execution of heavy lifting operations and supervision on site. That is what we consider to be heavy lifting in line with our standards here at HEBO.

Heavy lifting carried out by experienced teams

We are convinced that carrying out heavy lifting operations asks for team members who consider safety as a priority. Who are willing to embrace innovation and strive for the highest technical solutions possible. Continuous training, guidance and support of our people, helps them become the best in the business. This enables us to guarantee our customers premium heavy lifting operations and create added value at crucial moments.

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Erik van der Ende 

Contact point
+31 (0) 6 11 00 82 16 




Our fleet of sheerlegs is capable of more than just hoisting and lifting activities. We can provide you with the right sheerleg for every job.


Multipurpose vessels

Our fleet of multi purpose vessels are highly valued within our organisation. Every vessel part of our fleet is unique and has its own special features.


Jacking and weighing technology

Using our traditional hydraulic jacks or the synchronised jacking system of our own design we are able to jack and weigh ships and other objects of considerable size.



During special transport projects our pontoons are used a great deal or can be deployed as floating plateaus used for carrying out maintenance and facilitating events.

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