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Should you choose to cooperate with HEBO you are guaranteed a well thought out plan and perfect preparation. We are able to provide you with complete engineering for horizontal and vertical transport. Complex heavy lifting- or transportplans are prepared and drawn up in the smallest detail. Stability calculations, sea fastening, calculating RoRo actions, lifting- and transport plans are on offer as well as 3D and FEM analysis.

Calculating Stability

Having an understanding of how the stability of a pontoon, sheerleg or crane ship is affected in different situations is paramount. A pontoon has to be able to keep its stability in carrying different load combinations. That’s why HEBO has the ability to use specialized software able to calculate the stability of pontoons or deck barges. These stability calculations help us determine the right pontoon or deck barge needed for your project and load combinations. Our calculations are in line with international rule of law with regards transport over inland waters and overseas.

(Standard DNVGL Noble Denton Guidelines for Marine Transportation)


AutoCAD / SolidEdge / GHS / SCIA engineer

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Bjorn Bouwens

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During special transport projects our pontoons are used a great deal or can be deployed as floating plateaus used for carrying out maintenance and facilitating events.



Our fleet of sheerlegs is capable of more than just hoisting and lifting activities. We can provide you with the right sheerleg for every job.


Jacking and weighing technology

Using our traditional hydraulic jacks or the synchronised jacking system of our own design we are able to jack and weigh ships and other objects of considerable size.


Tug- and pushboats

Whatever the challenge you may set we are able to provide you with a push- or tugboat fit for purpose.

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