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Emergency Response

A grounded tanker, a passenger ship in trouble, a cargo ship about to sink; HEBO Maritiemservice is able to provide a quick and effective solution for any emergency. Our teams are on standby 24/7 to turn an emergency situation into a situation 100% under control.

A specialist team and equipment

Our specialist emergency response team has a wealth of experience and knowlegde. Since the founding of HEBO Maritiemservice we have been involved in dozens of emergency situations. This experience has given us the knowledge to what’s needed in order to control an emergency situation for the full 100%. Our emergency response team operates in the right frame of mind and has the ability to make use of a great number of specialist equipment. Enabling them to intervene in a quick and effective manner during an emergency situation.

Investing turns into saving

Here at HEBO we are able to call on the knowledge needed to take the right decisions at different stages of an emergency situation. Drawing up an effective action plan gives us the ability for optimal risk minimisation and makes sure we can prevent injuries to people and damages to the surrounding environment and equipment. Investing in our emergency response team means spending less on unwanted damages.

Are you looking for a partner on 24-hour standby in case of an emergency?

Make an appointment! Or in case of an emergency.. call us (038) 38 68 180 ››

Stefan van 't Land

Contact point
+31 (0) 6 12 74 09 79



Multipurpose vessels

Our fleet of multi purpose vessels are highly valued within our organisation. Every vessel part of our fleet is unique and has its own special features.



At our disposal we have safety- and vacuum units but also high-pressure pumps, sweeping arms able to collect possible pollution in the water and trailers. Whatever job comes our way; with a wide range of equipment at our disposal we are prepared for anything.



At HEBO Maritiemservice we have a wide range of vehicles at our disposal. Including several emergency response vehicles, vans and 4x4’s.



Our fleet of sheerlegs is capable of more than just hoisting and lifting activities. We can provide you with the right sheerleg for every job.

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