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The handling of break-bulk or project-cargo demands an unique approach every time. After all no project-cargo is the same. Our biggest challenge? To offer every client the safest, most cost effective solution tailored to the type of break-bulk at hand. And to be able to offer this service across the globe.

Breakbulk – Handling

Our crane ships and sheerlegs are able to lift any type of break-bulk. This can mean anything, from lifting motors, thrusters, transformers or concrete objects. We can provide you with the perfect solution to any handling of break-bulk.

Breakbulk – Transport

To be able to provide our customers with the highest level of service, HEBO also offers overseas transport between different seaports. In many cases we are be able to arrange transport of the break-bulk from and to these ports by the use of our own barges. Furthermore we are able to facilitate the loading and un-loading of the break-bulk in question by making use of our sheerlegs and crane ships.

We have a worldwide network of contacts at our disposal. This helps us in offering you a competitive solution for worldwide transport of break-bulk. To make things easy HEBO provides you with one contact in charge of arrangements, needed for a successful completion of the transport at hand.

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Erik van der Ende 

Contact point
+31 (0) 6 11 00 82 16 




Our fleet of sheerlegs is capable of more than just hoisting and lifting activities. We can provide you with the right sheerleg for every job.


Tug- and pushboats

Whatever the challenge you may set we are able to provide you with a push- or tugboat fit for purpose.



During special transport projects our pontoons are used a great deal or can be deployed as floating plateaus used for carrying out maintenance and facilitating events.


Jacking and weighing technology

Using our traditional hydraulic jacks or the synchronised jacking system of our own design we are able to jack and weigh ships and other objects of considerable size.

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