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Jacking and weighing technology



800 Ton slidingsystem.

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A transport vehicle, under full remote control, with a lifting capacity of 70 tons.

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Jacking system

HEBO has a jacking system, with the capability of 8000 tons, at its disposal.

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Weighing and jacking technic

Here at HEBO Maritiemservice we are specialists in weighing and jacking. Using our traditional hydraulic jacks or the synchronised jacking system of our own design we are able to jack ships and other objects of considerable size. These advanced weighing and measuring systems enable us to determine the weight and centre of gravity with great precision. This weighing and jacking technic is mostly used in-house.

Curious as to whether we are able to weigh or jack the object of your choice?

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Determining the centre of gravity

HEBO Maritiemservice is able to determine the mass and centre of gravity of a construction or ship. This information provides us in many instances with the base for subsequent stages in a project. It can be used for instance in lifting the ship or construction or selection of the correct lifting and transport equipment needed in later stages of a project.

What entails determining the centre of gravity?

We carry out the determination of the centre of gravity using three to four high capacity force transducers. These force transducers are positioned using fittings and Attachements placed under the construction. When positioned in the right place and fashion we can carry out the measurements and determine the centre of gravity. You will receive a certificate stating the results of the measurements. Furthermore we can use these measurements in subsequent stages of the project. For instance the lifting and or transport of the construction at hand.

In need of COG (Centre of Gravity) determination?

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