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Pontoons are an indispensable support link in a great number of maritime projects. We are in a position to select the appropriate pontoon from a wide range of pontoons. Some of these vessels are fitted with advanced maritime support equipment. During special transport projects our pontoons are used a great deal or can be deployed as floating plateaus used for carrying out maintenance and facilitating events.

Pontoon rental

Renting a HEBO pontoon means more than just renting a pontoon. We take in to account the purpose a customer has for the pontoon, share our thoughts and contribute ideas as to which pontoon would be best suited for your project. If necessary we can provide you with the engineering needed and transport of the pontoon to the location of you choosing. Renting a pontoon at HEBO means a safe and practical choice.

Pontoon combined with a crane

During projects we often make use of pontoons combined with a mobile crane on deck. The engineering of these projects is paramount. Using a pontoon with a mobile crane on deck requires precise calculation and consideration with regard to all risks at hand.

Are you planning for a project and in need of a pontoon combined with a mobile crane?

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